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Expand your relationship: satisfaction, pleasure, mutual support and intimacy.

Coaching, workshops and retreats for couples. LOGO 04 sideways.png

When you look around... 

Do you see friends and family
struggling with their relationships? 

Storm over land by Patrick Emerson on flickr is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

How were you affected by what you witnessed growing up? 

"The impact on my kids is just amazing... a pivotal experience for our family."  —Mother of four

"My parents can fight now, get over it and still be loving."  —Teenaged daughter

"The impact on my kids is just amazing... a pivotal experience for our family."

  —Mother of four

"My parents can fight now, get over it and still be loving."

  —Teenaged daughter

For couples who want to avoid these problems... 

Who are looking for high-quality support and mentors they can trust...

"I am stunned and deeply grateful for what we have received here."  —Physician

"This has been instrumental in revitalizing, renewing and redirecting our marriage."  —Educator

I learned an amazing collection of practical tools... my only regret is not having these a long time ago."   —Business Consultant


Do you have high expectations for fulfillment?

Most of us are not as willing as past generations to make do or just get by. 

Changed patterns I have been working with in therapy for 10 or 15 years and could not budge... You threw us a lifeline with your commitment, your compassion and your devotion to working with us in an effective way." 



However, being consistently great together is not easy to achieve—given all our other responsibilities and, at times, different needs. 

"I never imagined we could make this much progress."

We loved each other, but could not live together—there was so much pain... this was like water in the desert."



Plus it can be hard to feel dependent on someone who sometimes makes you crazy. 

This struggle can either drive you apart, or bring you closer together

as better people, more resilient, loving, and in-love. 

"Gratitude, love, commitment, and self-discovery keep growing."  


"Profoundly healing in all my relationships." 


Your warmth and kindness, your faith in me and in goodness are contagious. Your courage and integrity has cast a beam of light into the shadowy places—with acceptance, perspective and kindness... leaving illumination, compassion, growth and humor."       —Grad Student  


Like any important undertaking, getting to where you want to be requires commitment and resources. Those who make this investment are having experiences most can only dream about. 

Get where you want to be, faster than you imagine possible.
Stop wasting time in irritation and bickering. 
Rediscover your best selves.

"A miracle in our relationship."
 —Corporate executive

"Gave me hope that the realization of love can actually be greater than its promise."

 —Resource planner

With the right support, it is not that hard to rekindle tenderness and love—to uncover the keys to sustaining growth and happiness over a lifetime together.

“I told my husband I was ready to separate. We had worked so hard on our relationship for over 10 years and it just felt intractably stuck. He heard about your course and asked me if I’d be willing to give it one more chance.  We went to the class but I was pretty closed. 

“There are no words to describe the transformation that occurred from that weekend retreat. We are communicating better than I could have imaginedwith love and support. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself. 

“This has been one of the most powerful experiences of my lifefrom ready to call it to deeply connected and passionately in love again. We learned more in one weekend than we did in years of couples therapy.

—Executive Director

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