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The Journey to True Love

Signature retreat for couples at a lovely country retreat setting near Lyons

A range of comfortable overnight venues and diverse dining options are nearby

Zoom Kickoff Call 
Date and time TBD (2.5 hrs)

Mar 31 - Fri 9:00 to 6:00
Apr 01 - Sat 9:00 to 6:00
Apr 02 - Sun 9:00 to 6:00

After 28 years of supporting couples, we have found that this immersive approach—based on experiential learning—greatly accelerates positive change and growth. It delivers healing and lasting change, at one third of the cost of private therapy.

You’ll have the advantage of learning from a real couple. We share what has helped us in our 30-year jour
ney as two stubborn, opinionated, and often incompatible people… who deeply love each other. As you witness us working through charged issues you will quickly absorb and retain the capacity to do so yourselves.

$997 per person or save with
$797 per person early bird discount (through March 5th)


The Journey


Discover the simple secrets to productive and connecting conversationsso you can confide in one another all that you feel, need and want, without resistance and drama.

  • Communication Arts—master the 4 essential skills for having fruitful conversations

  • Managing Difficult Emotions—like shame, fear and anger—in ways that actually bring you closer

  • Emotional Intimacy—discover the safety to confide and compassion to listen


Learn how to step off the unproductive treadmill and find compassion and understandingso you can avoid upsets and shut-downseven if nothing you have tried has worked till now.

  • Hurts and fears from the past often inform reactive moments and make it difficult for either partner to access a caring response—discover reliable exit ramps when you stumble into the same old arguments and hurts

  • Learn how to stop taking things personally and become a successful advocate for positive change in your relationship

  • Experience how to really be there when you need each other the most


Find forgiveness and resolution for past hurts and disappointmentsonce and for allso that you can truly enjoy your lives together, even if you don't see how to move forward.

  • Learn how taking responsibility for your impactinstead of defending your good intentionscan give you power and agency

  • Discern what your partner most wants and needs from you to feel open and connected

  • Re-connect and deepen your joy—the hopes and dreams that brought you together in the first place

The tools changed patterns that I’ve been working with in therapy for 10 or 15 years and could not budge. The material is excellent, well-rounded and varied. —Mary and Charley

Seeing you working through real life issues was an inspiration and a huge help. I love the humor.

—Cherie and David

Journey to True Love Guide

Concerned about holding on to the positive changes you will make together? The Journey to True Love Guide is your permanent reference for relationship tips and tools in the future. It is an invaluable resource for staying on track with your partner—and for greater ease and success with all your relationships, at work, and with family and friends.

Personal Support

TLE Manual Screen Shots.png

Personal support will be available to you during the weekend workshops, as needed, to help you successfully navigate any stuck places or challenges that come up—including areas that have been resistant to change in the past.

I never imagined that we could make this much progress. I am impressed and grateful for all the effort, love, and knowledge you bring to these weekends. The tools are amazing, but your dedication to every participant is what makes the magic.
—Cam and Kristi

Your humor and compassion, presence and authenticity have created trust and filled each session with warmth, care and courage.

—Jada and Caleb

It’s completely changed our whole relationship. We had been in couples therapy for over 10 years… and this was completely different than anything we’ve ever done. We feel closer and more connected than we have in years. The program is simple and brilliant and effective. It’s really changed us.
—Annabel and Peter

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